Friday, July 9, 2010

Pilgrim Rest for Visiting Buddhist Monks

Pilgrim Rest for Visiting 
Buddhist Monks

International Buddhist Centre
Historic Malwatta Monastery
In Kandy

  Facilities for Meditation
And Research on Theravada Buddhism.

Venerable sir
Dear sir/Dear madam,

      The picturesque city of Kandy in Sri Lanka draws Buddhist devotees from all over the world to pay their homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Gauthama Buddha. But Many Buddhist Monks visiting Kandy have to undergo difficulties due to lack of Suitable accommodation.

  If is therefore proposed to build a three storied building at the premises of the Malwatta Monastery in Kandy. The building complex wills consist of modern residential, a well equipped library, an Assembly Hall, Centre for Meditation, a Shrine Room and a Museum where life size statues of the Most ven. Velivita Saranankara Sangharaja Mahathera, the Most Ven. Upali Maha Thera of Thailand who reintroduced higher ordination (upasampada) to Sir Lanka in 1753 and king keerthi  Sri Rajasinghe of Sri Lanka.

  The project is expected to cost over 12 Million rupees. We hope to embark upon this project with the generous contributions form the philanthropists in Sri Lanka and abroad.

The Government of Sri Lanka has declared this project as a charitable institution. Hence the contributions will be exempted from income tax.

Your goodwill and contributions to this project will be gratefully accepted.

Aluthgama Dhammananda Thero
Member, Malwatta chapter of 
Siam Maha Nikaya.
Tel:  08 – 22818
Malwatta Maha viharaya
Sri Lanka.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


1. Distributed food packages, cloths, soap, and toothpaste like most needy requirements to Tsunami affected people.
2. Provided wheel chairs for 12 disable males to swell lottery tickets by promoting self employment.
3. Provided 150 eyeglasses for eye patients and 30 equipments provided for ear weakness.
4. Provided financial support for serious surgeries to the helpless families.
5. 8 Programs have been launched to prevent the killer disease of dengue spreading over the countryside.
6. Provided facilities to 18 number of poorest widow families to stars self employments.
7. Selected 40 farm families to provide guidance to start paper industry through banana cultivation by introducing a domestic saving system through small groups forming.
8. Distributed special school needs for religion schools. (Temples, churches, mosques etc.)
9. Under the environment protection program, there 1000 herbal medical plants were distributed.
10. Provide guidance to 11 youth who dropout school for tertiary education.
11. Provide school needs for 400 school children.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Mission and Progress


The mission of the UIDF is to help people who don't have at least minimum facilities to live. We help the people those who suffered by the war in Sri Lanka. And also We have donated eyeglasses, books, wheel chairs for disables and etc. We have given necessary items for the people whose who lost their houses by flood, toilets for poor families, roofing sheets, Desks and Benches for Children of Sunday school classes, storm water drainage for highly populated areas where most of the poor people live.

Our next step is to facilitate the people with publicly usable building and services those who lives hardly in highly populated areas. And we intend to provide employment opportunities for disables those who currently pending by their family members.

We prefer if you join with us and help the people who lives in North Sri Lanka and who have a lot difficulties right now.

Checking eyes
We prefer if you send us e-mails or contact us through phone line.

United International Development Foundation
No. 40/11, St. Mary's Lane,Mattakkuliya,
Colomco 15,
Sri Lanka.

web site:
Phone: +94 112540736
Mobile Nos:
(Coordinater): +94 719733756 / +94 758678371
(Chairman) : +94 785660687

Registration Number of United International Development Foundation : C/CDS/2007/12/01